Luxa was founded out of passion for cycling. Our goal is to create cycling apparel and unique design clothing from the best materials available on the planet. We strive to fully satisfy beginners as well as demanding cyclists.

Familiarize yourself with the cartoon story of Luxa, from the birth of the idea to create own clothing brand to this day.

EPISODE 1. The charms of autumn rides

1 - riding in bad weather

Wind, rain and cold surprised often average cyclist. Eternal challenge - how to dress, not to get cold and not overheat.

EPISODE 2. Warming up coffee break's

2 - warming during the coffee break

The best and the most pleasant rescue is a break for a hot coffee. Or maybe avoid the winter and fly out to warm countries?

EPISODE 3. We're flying to Gran Canaria

baggage packing

We pack suitcases in the hope of better weather and experience an unforgettable adventure.

EPISODE 4. Departure!

departure from poland

5 hours and 40 minutes to the cycling paradise.

EPISODE 5. Another World

arrive on GC

The island welcomes us with the sun, pleasant temperature and a strong but pleasant wind.

EPISODE 6.  It is the very essence of cycling

enjoying the road cycling

Smiling people, negligible car traffic, perfect weather and beautiful scenery. A paradise for the cyclist.

EPISODE 7. The idea to create something unique

7 - Idea to create own cycling apparel brand

During one of the coffee breaks, we debate about the current style and fashion in cycling. There are ideas for visual improvement and creating our own style.

EPISODE 8. Return to homeland

back to poland

It's time to come back to Poland. Charged with energy, we plan how to implement our ideas into life.

EPISODE 9. We're in full swing

9 - first cycling jersey designing in Poland

Using our experience, we design the first jerseys. We focus mainly on the classic simple style with some exceptions.

EPISODE 10. Official beginning

make agreement

In 2016, the official start of our activity takes place. We cooperate with the best sewing rooms in Poland, which meet our expectations as to the quality of sewing and the best fabrics. Under our control, the first projects leave the needle.

EPISODE 11. We reach the whole world

11 - cyclists wear first Luxa garment

On the roads there are more and more cyclists with the Luxa logo. In previous years, we gained experience designing outfits for teams. Many years spent cycling, made us know the cyclists needs regarding the outfit, and comfort of use.

EPISODE 12. Clearly we cannot be complacent

12 - Brand success

We are working on new projects. We try to improve the quality and create the most visually attractive designs, something that is not currently on the market. And what will be the next episode?

Luxa owners

from the left: Dominik Cyburt, Sebastian Cieślachowski, Krzysztof Michno

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